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Industrial Nerds

May 30, 2019

Brian Graupner (The Gothsicles) and Steve (Klubovader) launch an opening salvo into the world of superhero movies, D&D, industrial music and more. Basically, what it says on the tin.

Music featured:

Klubovader - Expiation Nation (Remuneration Edit by Kallum)

Crudmouth - Infused With You

DELET THIS - It Is Wednesday My Dudes

Gasoline Invertebrate - Tenuous at Best (antonym remix)

Isserley vs. Psyence Fiction - Monoblack Deck

Khionik - Amplified Narcissi

DemosLogic - Divisional Inadequacy

Sex Death Religion - Acid Murder at Hill House (2018 version)

Pill Brigade - (This Is) Bartertown

The Causticles - Cool Pastor

Virtual Terrorist - Meccha (Demo)

Klubovader - Buzzing Neon Voices (Hollenkatze mix)

The Gothsicles - Konami Code (Death of Self Ruins Another Gothsicles Song Remix)

SYNCOM - Embers

Klack - DMF (Mental Rivers Mix)