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Industrial Nerds

Sep 10, 2019

New movies are forged! Nerdly lore is explained! Indescribable and very describable terrors are unleashed!


Playlist for this episode:

Klubovader - The Chthonic (Instrumental mix)

Gasoline Invertebrate - Age Out (feat. Keef Baker)

Beauty Queen Autopsy - Good Giving Game (Go Fight remix)

The Gothsicles - Drop Dead Squid Face (SYNCOM remix)

KHIONIK - Amplified Narcissi (FaceOffDanceOff mix by Klubovader)

40 Watt Range - Zobje Bruhanje (Nedokončana)

Watch Clark - Tansfläche

Ohm - When Robots Fuck

Sex Death Religion - Goblin Dance

Mr. Zoth and the Werespiders - Where the Stars Lie Fallow

Psyence Fiction - Enhancing the Truth (A Fabricated Remix by Syrinx)

The Gothsicles - Moon Knight is Cool

Audiorotic - Stars Descend

Databomb (feat. Edward Ka-Spel & Brant Showers) - Dorian (E-KS mix)

Oceanside85 - Glow Forever

Watch Clark - The Darkest Place

Watch Clark - The Act of Wanting

Sex Death Religion - Close to Death

OHM - Uppercut