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Industrial Nerds

Feb 1, 2021

Embrace the dark side and the darkwave 'cause this *is* the podcast you're looking for!  Steven of (Darth) Klubovader and Brian of The Gonksicles get into all things Star Wars!

Features a 30 spot for the Firebreathing Kittens podcast


Gothivader - Industrial Nerds Theme Song
Klubovader - All Too Easy
Gasoline Invertebrate - Dead End Cul-de-sac
Fektion Fekler - Diabolic Changes (Side Effect Mix)
Isserley - Salted Wounds
Injustrial - One Second Ghost
Psyence Fiction - Nihilius
Sterling Silicon - Stars Below
Virtual Terrorist - Neurolace Failure
Beta Virus - Eclipse (Apoptygma Berzerk cover)
Watch Clark - Fascination
Klubovader - Elektro Death Machine (020.M3 Mix)
Bixlee - Ace of Spades
Ghast//Tech - Life Scan (Dead)
Gasoline Invertebrate - Maladaptive Dream (Bizotech remix)