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Industrial Nerds

Feb 10, 2022

Crossing over with Otterbat Superchat co-host, Ryan of Toronto, with crosses out for the coming vampire horde! Unless it's a Ventrue situation, in which case, the horde becomes subtle politcal machinations. Either way, we're talking Vampire: The Masquerade, its (blood) related properties, and their intersections with that wonderful industrial music. Bring the melpominee!

Gothovader - Industrial Nerds Theme Song
Alia Synesthesia - Anhedonia
Amalgamated Cadaver - Reanimated Awakening (Gothsicles Remix)
Batavia - Mercy's Burning Heart (Brahm's Manor Mix)
Beta Virus - Reject Denial
Crudmouth - Fresh Tissue
CVRCLES - In The Company of Crows
Smouldering Embers of Aggression - Let the Darkness Fall Over You (iVardensphere Remix)
Sugarplum Suicide - Serpentine (Planetdamage Remix)
Lightray - Covered in Darkness
Klubovader - Sadistic Agency (Missed-A-Con X-Clusive Ver000)
Landscape Body Machine - Subterranean 2 Terraforming (2021 Remaster)
Syrinx - Tubthumping (feat. Batavia)
Night Terror - Go Now
Melting Rust Opera - Soft Radio Song
Sanity Checks - Freud Fhtagn
Psyence Fiction - Imprecation
Virtual Terrorist - PRXY (Moris Blak Remix)
komradekomputer - komrade + komputer (Demo)
Grasp Logic - Echobot
Mr Zoth and the Werespiders - Sepulchre of Sethuur
The Gothsicles - This Is What The Brujah Clan Will Do To All You Gangrels