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Industrial Nerds

Feb 14, 2022

Steven Saunders and guest host, Ryan of Toronto (and also of the Otterbat Superchat podcast), put the spotlight on Spotify and the entities and complexities therein.


Gothovader - Industrial Nerds!
Psyence Fiction - Fuhsaz City
Sirrene - Beacons
Injustrial - Digital Dreams
Virtual Terrorist - Titan (Prototype Mix)
Batavia - Anthemoessa
duckbagtm - Raven Industry
Isserley - Mean Girl
nolongerhuman - Stop.Listen.Think.Infest
Klubovader - Chokepoint Overdrive (Psyence Fiction Remix)
Type Trauma - Breaking Bones
Smouldering Embers of Aggression - Let The Darkness Fall Over You (iVardensphere Remix)
Lewdo Zlex - The Lurking Presence
CVRCLES - The Company of Crows
Amalgamated Cadaver - Reanimated Awakening (Gothsicles remix)
Pill Brigade - Just Johnny
Johnny Tupolev - Shot in Black & White
Volt 9000 - Product
blackcarburning - Make Another Plan
Chiasm and John Fryer - Are You Okay
Bitman - LL7
Stoneburner feat Brain Graupner - May Thy Knife
Rohn-Lederman - Watch Out!
Alia Synesthesia - Paperwight (feat Ryan Clark)