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Industrial Nerds

Feb 19, 2022

Shaman, showman, and industrial bowman, STEVEN ARCHER (Ego Likeness, Stoneburner, many more) joins Brian and regular Steven to get answers from the world over to that age old question, "Hey, how'd you get into industrial music?"

There's some "audio ghosting" on this episode, but that's okay because I believe in you.


Gothovader - Industrial Nerds!
Ego Likeness - Save Your Serpent (Light as a Feather Mix)
Psyence Fiction - Korsax's Den
komradekomputer - VODKA!
Endif - Recreational Asbestos
Beta Virus - Reject Denial
Dead Agent - Faulted (Steel Punch Remix by LATEX)
Landscape Body Machine - Structure
Black Agent - We Can't Believe
Mr. Zoth and the Werespiders - Where the Stars Lie Fallow
Unitcode:Machine - Falling Down (Stabbing Westward Remix)
Sanity Checks - Sanity Checks (Dunwich Dance Mix by God Module)
Klubovader - Chokepoint Overdrive (Beta Virus Remix)
Batavia - Epitaph (C-Tec Cover)
Smouldering Embers of Aggression - Let the Darkness Fall Over You
Stoneburner - Apex Predator (The King of Wolves)