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Industrial Nerds

Dec 14, 2019

Get glitchy and scratchy as we go from repli-can't to repli-can, chummer! You down wit' OCP? In this episode, we explore the past, present, and retro-future of cyberpunk.


Playlist for this episode:

Psyence Fiction - Catch You Fuckers at a Bad Time
Mr. Zoth and the Werespiders - The Chthonic
Ohm - Uppercut

Oct 17, 2019

Influences are inspected!
Contra is dissected!
The Industrial Nerds get start-selected!


Playlist for this episode:

Mr. Zoth and the Werespiders - COMETA INTERCIDAT MDCLXIV
Psyence Fiction - Catch You Fuckers at a Bad Time
Injustrial - Detroit Downpour
Sex Death Religion - Goblin Dance
Gasoline Invertebrate - Freak...

Sep 10, 2019

New movies are forged! Nerdly lore is explained! Indescribable and very describable terrors are unleashed!


Playlist for this episode:

Klubovader - The Chthonic (Instrumental mix)

Gasoline Invertebrate - Age Out (feat. Keef Baker)

Beauty Queen Autopsy - Good Giving Game (Go Fight remix)

The Gothsicles - Drop Dead...

Jul 13, 2019

Behold licensed video games that never were, along with the general majesty of industrial music.

Tracks used in this episode:

40 Watt Range - Bizami Ples
Bitman - Eight Eight The Burning Hate
Beta Virus - Mars
Injustrial - I’m Not Okay
Isserley - Symmetrical
Khionik - Amplified Narcissi
Psyence Fiction - Enhancing The...

May 30, 2019

Brian Graupner (The Gothsicles) and Steve (Klubovader) launch an opening salvo into the world of superhero movies, D&D, industrial music and more. Basically, what it says on the tin.

Music featured:

Klubovader - Expiation Nation (Remuneration Edit by Kallum)

Crudmouth - Infused With You

DELET THIS - It Is Wednesday My...