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Industrial Nerds

Apr 2, 2022

Spider bites & kryptonite! We crack open the protective mylar packaging on Marvel vs. DC with special guest, MATT HART!



Gothovader - Industrial Nerds!
Matt Hart - We Survive
Cut Brain - Psychic Surgery
Matt Hart - Cathartic
Bixlee - Endless Summer Nights
C/A/T - Choose Your Weapon
Red Lokust - 2AM
Matt Hart - I Am Overlord
Klubovader - Sadistic Agency (Missed-A-Con X-Clusive Ver000)
Landscape Body Machine - Subterranean 2 Terraforming (2021 Remaster)
Matt Hart - To The Core
Grasp Logic - Echobot
Psyence Fiction - That is Not Dead Which Can Eternal Lie
Sugarplum Suicide - Serpentine (Planetdamage Remix)
Smouldering Embers of Aggression - Let the Darkness Fall Over You (iVardensphere Remix)
Alia Synesthesia - Anhedonia
Matt Hart - Decimate
Matt Hart - The Last Rave