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Industrial Nerds

May 24, 2022

It's the wrath of Khonshu! We bring in a ringer and get tumescent for crescents on our deep dive into the Moon Knight show on Disney+!



Gothovader - Industrial Nerds!
Batavia - Anthemoessa
Sneakernet - Rites From The Holy Mountain (Final Sequence)
duckbagtm - Raven Industry
Hem Netjer - Otherworld
Sugarplum Suicide - Battle Ready
Klubovader - Chokepoint Overdrive (amixiated by Syrinx)
Cut Brain - Psychic Surgery
Psyence Fiction - Defiance
Injustrial - Mighty Wings (ft. Lisa C. Dahle)
Landscape Body Machine - Unperson
Red Lokust - 2AM
Tragic Impulse - Oubliette 
Stigmata with Screwdrivers feat. Gasoline Invertebrate - It Came Out and Saw the Burn
Smouldering Embers of Aggression - The Cult
Alia Synesthesia - Eternal Merch Girl (respite remix by Syrinx)
Beta Virus - Unmarked Grave
The Gothsicles - MOON KNIGHT IS COOL