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Industrial Nerds

Oct 28, 2021

The dudes delve deeply into Dune!

played in this episode:

Gothovader - Industrial Nerds Intro Song
Alia Synesthesia - Eternal Merch Girl
Ghstprxy - Pixel Eyes (feat Eva X)
Klubovader - Chokepoint Overdrive
Sega Lugosi - Sunday Brunch Time
Isserley - Crowbar
Melting Rust Opera - This Addiction
Batavia - Azafran
The Gothsicles - Go-Away-Bird (Fakzility Remix)
Injustrial - Blood & Skulls
Psyence Fiction - Crush
Lost Masters - Eater of Worlds
CVRCLES - In the Company of Crows
Sanity Checks - Sanity Checks (Gambrel Dance Jam)
Smouldering Embers of Aggression - What is Love
Duckbagtm - Raven Industry
Landscape Body Machine - No Cable (2021 Remaster)