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Industrial Nerds

Mar 28, 2021

First, unspeakable horror is spoken as the new benefit mega-compilation, "Putting the Stars Right" (, is discussed! Then we switch to 4:3 to preserve the artistic vision of an industrial breakdown of the Synder cut Justice League. It's equal parts Cyclopean and Kryptonian!

played in this episode:
Gothovader - Industrial Nerds Into v2
FINAL - I am the dirt under your fingernails
Attrition - The Great Derailer (Fakzility Remix)
The Gothsicles - Gill Breathing
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - Gold To Grey (Dream Machine Remix)
Skull Cultist - Perfect Integration
Psyence Fiction - Terrible Old Man
Y-LUK-O - Magnetar (PVD Mix)
Khionik - Vaulted Beast
Injustrial - Fateweaver
Snowbeasts - Anticipation
Pitch Black Manor - Gone
Transdusk - Its Starless Maw
Batávia - Mercy's Burning Heart
Order of the Black Pyramid - Opening the Gate
Klubovader - Void Warrant