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Industrial Nerds

Apr 8, 2020

Slowly usher in the mild apocalypse! Navigate the gradual calamity with the ragnarockingest dudes around!


Playlist for this episode:

40 Watt Range - Globoko In Temno (Uvodna Različica Poskusa)
CONFORMCO - Believe It (Glitch Mode Dance mix)
Sex Death Religion - Flight of the Moth
Oceanside85 - They Live (Klubovader Klubosmasher remix)
Psyence Fiction - Spitting Blood
The Nightsicles - You Want Sum
Klack - Distancing
Beta Virus - Spectrum
Klubovader - Falling Ahead
Cyanotic - Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 (feat. Kyle Reese)
Isserley - SPINE
Caustic - Herd Dominance
The Gothsicles - Drop Dead, Squid Face! (Klubovader Klubosmasher remix)